Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When it first hit the shops in Brunei, every kid and few adult would want to own this mini 4wd, cost about 24BND. It's not easy to get the Mini4wd because I'm still a school children, so i have to ask my dad to buy it for me. But buying the model only is not enough, the engine tune-up, stabilizer, gearing set, rechargeable batteries and other parts including the track, of course at that time i was only able to own 2 stock model and a set of track all together it cost me about 200BND, it's my present for passing primary 4 exam.

Recently i brought three Mini 4wd of different model and currently in the process of optimizing it. The first model i would like to optimize is The Crimson-G FM chassis(Front Midship). The reason i have selected Crimson-G is it is the first tamiya model, and the engine is placed in front rather than at the back. However My Crimson-G is still at an early stage. probably my next upgrade is the sponge or carbon tyre, stabilizer and engine tune-up.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ring of Halo

Halo also known as sun dogs usually appear but not always, when the sun is fairly low, but in this case it appears during broad daylight. This phenomenon occurs when the atmosphere is filled with ice crystals forming cirrus cloud, in short when the light passes through the light reflected and refracted. Here are the picture taken during mid day. For further detail check this website


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Making 'Pelita'

It was long before i was born, lampu pelita were widely used by people in the past because there was no electricity. Pelita were used to light up the pathway and even in houses with different kind of design. Some pelita are made from bamboo and some are made from glass. Now i'm going to show you what can we do with aluminum cans.

To make lampu pelita first of all you need to find two aluminum cans for 1 set of lampu pelita.

Second step, take one of the aluminum can and cut the base and make a hole for the wick placement tread. (for the wick placement i bought the gas piping adapter which you can get in any tool shop for BND2.50)

Third, you need to apply some silicone for sealing the thread, to avoid rainwater pouring inside the aluminum can.

Fourth, pull the wick through the piping using two smaller string.

Fifth, cut the other aluminum can to make a bigger hole to make way for the wick.

Finally, add some kerosene oil and put the wick on top of the aluminum can